Las Americas Newspaper

Status: Completed and Launched!

Las Americas Newspaper is a local, hispanic periodical that freely distributes 15,000 printed copies across DC, Maryland and Virginia newsstands, offices and stores per week. We wanted to replace the disorganized and non-functional website by revamping it from the bottom-up, while capitalizing on it’s current niche audience and to expand to new potential markets. Below, is a tour of the major upgrades we have done, so let's take a look.

Interactive Menus

menu image

Smooth and clean navigational menus were created and structured to mimic the flow of the newspaper, making it easier for their niche audience to navigate with a modern look.


Featured Articles

featured articles image

Top stories are showcased on a beautifully wide slideshow rotating breaking news coverage one after another

News Categories

category image

News from an array of subjects are organized into multiple categories as newsblocks, making browsing and leisure reading simple and pleasant.


Social Media

tweeter account image

In order to maximize exposure, we've created custom social media widgets from facebook and twitter for readers to comment and share articles, and view latest tweets without having to leave the site.

Advertisement Spaces

ad spaces image

We found opportunities to make the site profitable and designed ad spaces for other clients to advertise in. This has now become a new source of revenue producing steady flow of income, now who wouldn't want this?


Online Publisher

web edition image

We've partnered our client to a renowned digital publishing company so that readers can interactively read the paper in full screen view incase they don't have access to physical copy of the newspaper.


las Americas Newspaper

All in all, we have expanded their business process while introducing new forms of revenue. Not only are all our solutions profitable and awesome, they are also sustainable in an industry that is struggling to survive. By guiding the Newspaper into the digital world, we have redefined their image to better adapt to the current global market and have rescued Las Americas Newspaper.

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